Do You Know Me


Tear This Old House Down

written by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia and Doug Crider

The floorboard creaks
Somebody threw a rock through the window
The roof leaks
We just sit around and listen to the wind blow
The door gets jammed
I’ll be damned
If I’m gonna live like this

Brick by brick
I’m gonna tear this old house down
Stick by stick
I’m gonna burn it to the ground
To save my soul I gotta tear this old house down

The framework’s shot
Strong wind sets the whole place to shakin’
Something’s rotten
I believe that it’s in the foundation
The paint is peelin’
I gotta feelin’
Something’s gotta give

Tear it down 2x

This is the end
It’s time to condemn
Nail a sign to the door


1. Tear This Old House Down
Eve Selis  


written by Eve Selis and Marc Intravaia

I had big plans in the city
They all fell out one by one
Filled my tank up and I was ready
Headed for the midday sun
Driving backroads in Kentucky
Wandered into Russellville
Shared a park bench with a stranger
Found a blessing waiting there

Sometime you gotta get lost
To find your way, to make your day
And prayers that go unanswered
Will work out in the end
You don’t know where you’re going
‘Til you know where you’ve been

Mr. Humphries told me stories
About the bank robbed by Jess James
And the place they hold in their hearts
for the old Orphan Brigade
Then I sang him one of my songs
Felt like time was standing still
He said God Bless and remember
Come on back to Russellville

Sometimes gifts from heaven come pouring down like rain
Something extraordinary in an ordinary day


2. Russellville
Eve Selis  

Do You Know Me

written by Kim Patton-Johnston and Lisa Brokop


Hey, do you know me, I live down the hall
Of the Evergreen retirement home
My house is just four walls
Every day I read a book to my friend who cannot see
Hey, do you know me

Hey, do you know me, I teach the second grade
I always get there early
And I always stay there late
I give them all I can for who they are and who’ll they’ll be
Hey, do you know me

There are angels all around
In the sky and on the ground
They walk beside us every day
Giving love away
There are saints on every street
you might be the one I meet today
Hey, do you know me

Hey, do you know me, I drive the city bus
I see a lot of people who are down on their luck
I keep a pocket full of change
For those who cannot pay
Hey, do you know me


Hey, do you know me, I’m a beggar on the street
I know I’m good for something
If only for one thing
Maybe to remind you that you have all you need
Hey, do you know me


3. Do You Know Me
Eve Selis  

In My Dreams

written by Eve Selis, Mark Intravaia and Kim Patton-Johnston


The sun was falling to the ocean
And I was falling in your arms
And in the wash of this emotion
Complete surrender of the heart
I’ve never known this kind of lonely
Since you had to go away
Until I hear you calling to me
I will listen for my name

And I wonder where you are tonight
Are you looking at the same moonlight
Are you feeling the same emptiness without me
I am lost without words to say
For remembering this magic place
So I’ll fall asleep with yesterday
In my dreams

I would wait for you forever
If my desire could bring you here
I wish the power of my passion
Could somehow always keep you near
Everyday a piece of my heart
Is broken by the way I feel
Knowing I will never find you
Or another love so real

I’ve come undone


4. In My Dreams
Eve Selis  

Ain't Got Nothin'

written by Eve Selis, Mark Intravaia and Jim Reilley


Last night I wished upon a star
That you would cure my achin’ heart
You give me something but not enough
I’m tryin’ to tame your gypsy love

When I look into your eyes
I see the feelings you can’t hide
You said slow down a thousand times
But I can read between your lines

Oh fallin’ in love is a leap of faith
Good things come to those who wait
I’ll wait as long as I have to
‘Cause I ain’t got nothin’ if I ain’t got you

What’s hit me hard ain’t hit you yet
You’re playin’ harder to forget
But everything I’m goinin’ ground
And I know that you will come around


A perfect love is in the makin’
And I’m the chance you should be takin’
And you’re not takin’



5. Ain't Got Nothin'
Eve Selis  

Same Train

written by Joe Johnston and Kim Patton-Johnston


There’s a young man buying a diamond ring
A movie star in a limousine
And a girl in the Detroit depot begging for bus fare home

There’s a trucker on an endless highway
A waitress knows everyone by name
And a mama praying her soldier boy won’t be gone long

Everybody’s riding on the same train
Everybody’s looking for the same thing
Gotta have love
Nobody’s got enough
So we never stop trying
Everybody’s riding on the same train

On a street that’s full of strangers
I know everyone cause there’s
A heart and soul behind each pair of eyes I see
Everybody’s got a story
Everybody’s got their pain and joy
All I know is they all need the thing I need


And you can’t get off, no, no
You won’t get where you’re going
And you can’t give up, no, no
Love is waiting somewhere down the line


6. Same Train
Eve Selis  

My Whisper

written by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia and Doug Crider


When the day has come and gone
Your house is empty
But you hear a song
Coming back to your mind so clear
That’s my whisper in your ear

There will be times
Out on your own
You feel forsaken
All alone
Then someone tells you
I’m glad you’re here
That’s my whisper in your ear

Miles between us
Years apart
Always with you
Inside your heart

In the raindrops
In the wind
In the treetops
In a friend
Listen closely
I’ll be near
With a whisper in your ear

You won’t feel me stroke your hair
You won’t see me but I’ll be there
Listen closely and you will hear
My whisper in your ear


7. My Whisper
Eve Selis  

Catch The Wind

written by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia and Jim Reilley


Teardrops runnin’ down my face
A wound time will not erase
All the memories I have inside
And it’s something I can’t hide

I know it happens everyday
Guess mine’s just another face
First we say we do and then we don’t
Now I’m out here on my own

Was it you / Was it me
Is it just a broken dream
To start over again – loving you
Is like trying to catch the wind

Did we know it all along
Can we both admit we’re wrong
Though it hurts to go
It hurts us more to stay
Going through emotions everyday


Let’s cut our losses and just
Let the armor unrust
Hold our breath and let’s trust….
Meant to be



8. Catch The Wind
Eve Selis  

Passin' Thru

written by Randy Scruggs and Johnny Cash


I have stood upon the mountain
I have seen the other side
I’ve wrestled with the devil
I’ve wrestled with my pride
I’ve been down in the valley
I’ve stood out in the rain
I’ve seen my love forsaken
Felt the pleasure and the pain

There’s one thing that’s for certain
One chord that rings true
It’s a mighty world we live in
But the truth is, we’re only passin thru

I have cried the tears of sadness
I have cried the tears of joy
I have found a life worth livin’
Found peace within the noise
I have turned my back on hatred
Lyin’, prejudice and greed
Found the future in the present
Found hope within a seed


Passin’ thru, passin’ thru
It’s a mighty world we live in
But the truth is we’re only passin thru

I have seen my bucket empty
I have seen my well run dry
But there’s water down the road
And I’m only goin’ by
If I’m settin’ on dead ready
When my chances come and knock
I’ll make it where I’m going
I’ll be tall just like a rock

There’s one thing that’s for certain
One chord that rings true
It’s a wicked world we live in
But the truth is, we’re only passin thru

Yeah, it’s a mighty world we live in
But the truth is, we’re only passin’ thru


9. Passin' Thru
Eve Selis  

Down To Love

written by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia and Doug Crider


I have to choose
I get pulled from every side
I get confused
Never sure which face to
Hide this one / Let that show
Pull this close / Let that go

Then you walk in
I hear your voice
I touch your skin
I have no choice
I lose myself
The world gets small
And in the end it all comes down (to love)

I fall down
And you’re there at every turn
To bring me round
You’d think by now I’d
Learn to let the small things pass
I still forget just one thing lasts



10. Down To Love
Eve Selis  

From Where I Stand

written by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia and Kim Patton-Johnston


Have I ever been the judge of you
Have I criticized your point of view
I can love without so many strings
Can you give the same thing back to me

What’s wrong with wearing my heart on my sleeve
What’s wrong with having faith in my own dreams
In my heart of hearts I know who I am
It’s not wrong from where I stand

Who made these rules you ask me not to break
Who will win should I decide to change
I have been so many things to you
When all is said and done
You still can’t change the truth


What if I weep / What if I sing
What if I tell you everything
I don’t really need to make a plan
I just need to tell you where I stand



11. From Where I Stand
Eve Selis  

Broken Things

written by Julie Miller


You can have my heart
Though it isn’t new
It’s been used and broken
And only comes in blue

It’s been down a long road
And it got dirty on the way
If I give it to you
Will you make it clean
And wash the shame away

You can have my heart
If you don’t mind broken things
You can have my life
If you don’t mind these tears
Well I heard that you make old things new
So I give these pieces all to you
If you want it you can have my heart

So beyond repair
Nothing I could do
I tried to fix it myself
But it was only worse
When I got through

Then you walk right into my darkness
And you speak words so sweet
And you hold me like a child
‘Til my frozen tears
Fall at your feet

You can have my heart
If you don’t mind broken things
You can have my life
If you don’t mind these tears
Well I heard that you make old things new
So I give these pieces all to you
If you want it you can have my heart


12. Broken Things
Eve Selis  

Love Came Just In Time

written by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia and Kim Patton-Johnston


It was 3 a.m. he was all alone again
Still too angry to sleep
He thought of leaving town
As his world came crashing down
In a room at fifty bucks a week

When his heart was all but gone
When it could break or turn to stone
He laid down his pride, picked up the phone and called her

Love came just in time
It was waiting on the line
Love came just in time

The day she watched him leave
She kept nothing of the dream
Never thought she’d want to hear his voice
She held in a world of hurt
And as he spoke such tender words
The walls began to fall without a choice

She said I thought all hope was gone
He said I want to come back home
And in a moment they knew miracles still happen


How powerful a thought can be
Just one thought of forgiveness
How much hope a choice can bring
The whole world changes when it’s love


13. Love Came Just in Time
Eve Selis  

Produced by Kim Patton-Johnston. Features the hit single “Do You Know Me.” Their most mature work yet. Thirteen amazing tunes by Eve and Marc, co-written with Kim, Doug Crider, Jim Reilly, with songs by Johnny Cash, Kim Patton-Johnston and Julie Miller. From the Thunder Twang of “Tear This Old House Down” to the fragile ache of “Broken Things”, Eve makes it all her own.


“An impressive vocal range and confidence that oozes through the speakers. Do You Know Me is not your cookie-cutter country pop album.”
—Women Who Rock (March/April 2003)

Do You Know Me is aflame with the San Diego treasure’s gutsy, emotional singing.”
—Chris Neal, Country Weekly (Jan. 21, 2003)

“Selis’ blend of rock, and pop is making believers of audiences everywhere.”
—Music Connection (Feb. 3, 2003)

“Quite breathtaking. Selis is quite a discovery and Do You Know Me proved to be a real find. A distinctive new voice on the block and one worthy of your attention.” (4 stars)
—Country Music People (UK) (Feb. 2003)

“A gifted writer and electrifying singer who stands head and shoulders above many of her big name contemporaries.” (5 stars)
—Maverick (UK) (April 2003)

“Smart, often deeply affecting songs. As likable as she is listenable.”
—Goldmine (Feb. 7, 2003)

“Eve Selis is one dynamic singer. An absolutely fresh and original talent.”
—Gritz (Spring 2003)

“Eve Selis’ voice is saturated with country soul. She nails the highs to the top and sweetly slides to the lows with strength and passion. Her music is absolute; it rocks and swings, crafted by a crew of hyper-talented musicians that not only play well, but also love to do so.”
— Featured Artist

“Eve Selis is on the fast track to becoming one of the hottest new artists in the Country, New Country, Alternative Country scenes. With a powerhouse voice aptly described as “lemonade and whiskey,” Selis can turn a tune like nobody’s business.”
— (Nov. 2002)

“One of the most astonishingly powerful, emotive voices in the free world. Do You Know Me is a triumph of musicianship and genuine artistic expression.”
—Christian Musician (Jan/Feb 2003)

“An amazing voice and passionate delivery of her style of alt-roadhouse-twang-rock. Someone sign this woman!!”
—Paste Magazine (Jan-Mar 2003)

Do You Know Me is a powerful showcase for Eve’s surprisingly strong and remarkable vocal style. Extremely solid and entertaining.”
—Shut Eye Records (Nov. 2002)


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