Long Road Home


Long Road Home

written by Eve Selis and Marc Intravaia

Midnight and I’m lying awake
Sunrise and I start to ache
Nothing I can do
‘Til I come home to you

Satisfaction won’t be guaranteed
Honey ‘til you give me just what I need
Tired of being alone
I’m taking that long road home

I’ll keep dreaming that I’m next to you
Honey that’s exactly what I’m going to do
Tired of being alone
I’m taking that long road home
A new town they all look the same
Hotels and motels going to drive me insane
6 am alarm
Driving straight into your arms


Monday-I got work to do
Tuesday-I’m nothing without you
Wednesday-Start feeling blue
Thursday-Oh I’m missing you
Friday -I’ve got you on my mind
Saturday -I’m barely alive
Sunday-I’m going to drive, drive, drive


This is our definition of Roadhouse Rock!! Written after being gone too long
while traveling through the Chocolate Mountains. Recorded live in the studio Feb. 20th.,2000.


1. Long Road Home
Eve Selis  

What I Mean To Say

written by Joey Harris

Every time I walk away
You know I’ll be back someday
I could never last too long
You know baby you’re so much stronger
Than I’ll ever be somehow
If you’ll have me back now
Baby you will not regret
Darlin’ I won’t ever forget

That there’s one star for me in the heavens above
You’re the one love for me in a world without love

Every time I turn around
I see myself falling down
Darlin’ I can be so cruel
You know I’m a crazy fool
That no one gives a damn about
Darlin’ I will make you proud
If you give me one more try
Darlin’ I will wipe them tears from your eyes

You’re the one star for me in the heavens above
You’re the one love for me in a world without love

Every time I walk away
You know I’ll be back someday
I could never last too long
You know baby you’re so much stronger
Once upon a time we were
So much in love it hurt
I know it still can be that way
So I’m comin’ back I’m comin’ back to stay


One of our favorite Beat Farmers songs. In our infinite wisdom we did a little rearranging
and accidentally cut out the song title in the third verse. Sorry Joey.


2. What I Mean To Say
Eve Selis  

Just Three Words

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

You caught my eye
Became the reason
I felt like I could love again
We kissed in the dark
You asked me for my heart
Now that it’s yours, you’re afraid

Just three words – Is all I’m asking
Just three words
But why do you cry
Just hold me tight
And say I love you

Flowers and cards
Tenderness and charms
If it’s an act you really had me sold
Too good to be true
Now I’m feeling used
I can’t believe you’d leave me all alone


Came up with this one with a little help from Marc’s daughter Sierra.
Had to cut out her part about the worms.


3. Just Three Words
Eve Selis  

The Lucky One

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

All of my life
I was outside the game
Love never seemed to go my way
Then you shined a light
Through my pouring rain
This feeling I have will never fade

‘Cause I’m the lucky one
My life feels like it’s just begun
Yes I’m the lucky one
At night when the day is done
I’m the luckiest one

I’d lie awake
On those hot summer nights
Wishing someone would hold me tight
So hard to wait
‘Til I looked in your eyes
Now your perfect love is now my prize


One heart, one mind
You’re the reason why
I’d be crazy not to take a chance this time
I’m the lucky one(4x)


Love can be so great the second time around.


4. The Lucky One
Eve Selis  

Happy To Be With You

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis


A phone call

Your eyes are filled with tears
Loud voices
Keep ringing in your ears
Your Ex is an outlaw
Drive anyone to drink
But don’t you worry
‘Cause now I wear your ring

Wake up tomorrow feeling fine
Things will get better just give it time
With a heart that’s beating true
I’m happy to be with you

Why suffer
The pain of your sin
You’re fighting
A battle you can’t win
When your rivers of faith
Are about to run dry
Just fill them up
With a love they can’t deny



For anyone whose ex’s are why’s.


5. Happy To Be With You
Eve Selis  

Folsom Prison Blues

written by John R. Cash

I hear that train a comin’
It’s rollin’ round the bend
And I ain’t seen the sunshine
Since I don’t know when
But I’m stuck in Folsom Prison
And time keeps draggin’ on
And that train keeps a rollin’
On down to San Antone

When I was just a baby
My mama told me hon
Always be a good girl
Don’t ever play with guns
But I shot a man in Reno
Just to watch him die
When I hear that whistle blowin’
I hang my head and cry

Well I bet there’s rich folks eatin’
In them fancy dinin’ cars
Their probably drinkin’ coffee
And smokin’ big cigars
Well I know I had it comin’
I know I can’t be free
But those people keep a movin’
And that’s what tortures me

Well if they freed me from this prison
If that railroad train was mine
I’d probably move it over
A little further down the line
Far from Folsom Prison
That’s where I want to stay
And I’d let that lonesome whistle
Blow my blues away


A completely live recording (my first guitar track!!)
and a wicked dobro solo by Dennis Caplinger.


6. Folsom Prison Blues
Eve Selis  

Hearts On Fire

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

You keep running
Running so far away (2x)
You’re restless and weary
Maybe you’ll stop someday

You keep falling
Falling into a hole (2x)
You’re just lonesome for someone
To get inside your soul

You been searching
Finding your way back home (2x)
But I’ve always been here
You were never alone

Now you’re believing
Your eyes are open wide (2x)
Oh hearts on fire


After reading an inspirational article about singer/songwriter Julie Miller, we sat down and wrote this.


7. Hearts On Fire
Eve Selis  

Sweet Companion

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

So here we go again
You say I let you down
Thinking our love will fade
When I’m not around
How can I make you see
You’re everything to me

You tamed my wild heart
Your spirit is my spark
You’ll always be my sweet companion

Like everyone we see
Bad times we’ve had our share
It’s not a game to me
Don’t think that I don’t care
I won’t deceive you
I’ll never leave you baby


Marc and I always have at least one happy accident per record. The accordion part was added last minute by our future keyboard player Sharon Whyte, the day we mixed the CD.


8. Sweet Companion
Eve Selis  

Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

Another lost sunset
Another day spent trying to forget
I’m doin’ all I can
Not to think of you again and again
I resolve to move along
But darlin’ how I wish you’d come back home

Now my worlds turned upside down
And my heart is inside out
And these tears I can not hide
No matter how hard I try
I just can’t get you out of my mind

I hear the rain come down
And I remember how we loved that sound
The way you held me tight
Talking of dreams ‘till the early light

It’s so hard to let you go
With every breath I wish you’d come back home


Thank you Steve Earle. Written in Indio, the songwriting capital of the world.


9. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Eve Selis  


written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

Baby I love you know it’s true
There ain’t nothin’ that I wouldn’t do
We went out dancin’ and a tearin’ it up
Things were fine until she showed up
Walked so close that she caught your eye
I thought to myself – My Oh My
But when you turned to give me a kiss
I was already gone you got a membership

Into the Doghouse
You’re goin’ to the Doghouse
Right here in the Doghouse
And it’s gonna be cold tonight

Baby Baby we’re not done yet
Here’s a little matter that you’re gonna regret
I heard a rumor you been steppin’ out
Had to see for myself I went and checked it out
Who was that I saw you talkin’ to
You say it’s just a friend but I ain’t no fool
Well I got a place that’s just right for you
It’s a little small not much of a view

You’re in the Doghouse
Doggone you’re in the Doghouse
You’re goin’ to the Doghouse
And it’s gonna be cold tonight

Doghouse Doghouse Doghouse
And it’s gonna be cold tonight
It’s gonna be cold tonight


A true story. Try to guess which band member this one is about. Recorded live in the studio Feb. 20th.,2000.


10. Dog House
Eve Selis  

Hit The Road

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis


You say it’s over so why are you still here

Do I have to listen while you cry into your beer
I’m fallin’ to pieces while you ramble on and on
Lookin’ for the easy way out why don’t you move along

Hit The Road

You want to blame me my past leaves you blue
Skeletons in my closet
I’ve got a bone to pick with you
You’re fallin’ to pieces You’re blind but now I see
You’re not man enough to stay here you’re not man enough to leave

Hit The Road

There you go baby but now I just don’t care
It’s really over I guess life just ain’t fair
It’s all gone to pieces guess it’s one of those things
The sooner you get out of here won’t be fast enough for me

Hit The Road


11. Hit The Road
Eve Selis  

Far, Far From Home

written by Marc Intravaia and Eve Marie Selis

Hello I know it’s been a while
I found it hard to write these lines
Now I remember late July
The country air and feeling fine
Every night I dreamed of this
To hold you close and your sweet kiss
But I’ve been called so far away
I’d like to make it back someday

Until then remember me
To my kin and kindly
Farther on down the road
I hope to meet my fair unknown
And I’m far, far from home
I remember how I cried
The day I left my daddy’s side
Now I’ve seen life turned upside down
Tonight I sleep on hallowed ground
I hold your picture to my heart
Pretend I have you in my arms

I remember 65
The air so cold I thought I’d die
But I was called to do my best
The weight of this world upon my chest
I’ve lost some good friends along the way
I pray I’ll see them all someday


Marc was inspired by the book of the same title, a collection of letters written by a Civil War soldier to his family.


12. Far, Far From Home
Eve Selis  

Hot Dog (That Made Him Mad)

written by Daniel Barker and Don Raye

I got a guy, I like him fine
But he takes me for granted all of the time
To teach him a lesson, make him mad
I went out on a date with the best friend he had
That made him mad, boy, hot dog, that made him mad
And he hugged me and he kissed me and he asked me not to do it again

Oh, late, last night, when I came in
He demanded to know just where I’d been
But I really put him right in his place
Instead of an answer, I laughed in his face
That made him mad, boy, hot dog, that made him mad
And he hugged me and he kissed me and he asked me not to do it again

He said my heart is on my sleeve
And if I didn’t change that he would leave
Well, you should’ve seen him, was his face red
When I laughed and told him just go right ahead
That made him mad, boy, hot dog, that made him mad
So he hugged me and he kissed me and he asked me not to do it again

Well, the moral is to play it cool
Let your guy know you’re nobody’s fool
When he gets to thinking you’re all his own
Let him know that you can take him or leave him alone
That makes him mad, boy, hot dog, that makes him mad
And he’ll hug you and he’ll kiss you and ask you not to do it again

Yeah, he’ll hug you and he’ll kiss you and he’ll squeeze you and please you
And ask you not to do it again


13. Hot Dog (That Made Him Mad)
Eve Selis  

Christmas In Washington

Written by Steve Earle

It was Christmas time in Washington the Democrats rehearsed
Gettin’ into gear for four more years of things not gettin’ worse
Republicans drank whiskey neat and thanked their lucky stars
They said he can not seek another term they’ll be no more F.D.R.’s
I sat home in Tennessee starin’ at the screen
An uneasy feelin’ in my chest and wonderin’ what it means

So come back Woodie Guthrie come back to us now
Tear your eyes from paradise and rise again somehow
If you run into Jesus maybe he can help you out
Come back Woodie Guthrie to us now

I followed in your footsteps once back in my travelin’ days
Somewhere I failed to find your trail now I’m stumblin’ through the haze
But there’s killers on the highway now and a man can’t get around
So I sold my soul for wheels that roll now I’m stuck here in this town


There’s foxes in the henhouse cows out in the corn
The unions have been busted their proud red banners torn
To listen to the radio you’d think that all was well
But you and me and Cisco know it’s goin’ straight to hell
So come back Emma Goldman and rise up Old Joe Hill
The barricades are goin’ up they can not break our will

Come back to us Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
We’re marching into Selma as the bells of freedom ring


Wish we wrote this. Marc and I recorded this live into one microphone.


14. Christmas In Washington
Eve Selis  


Winner of the 2000 San Diego Music Award for “Best Pop Album.” A hard-rockin’, honky-tonkin’ joy ride through twang-infested bayous and dusty open roads. A celebration of love, loss and redemption-Americana style. Contains songs by Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, the Beat Farmers and the Wanda Jackson classic “Hot Dog!”


“Eve Selis has a voice far more interesting than 200 percent of the singers you’re likely to run across these days. …she doesn’t sing anything LIKE a singer, but like a person.”
—Richard Meltzer, The Reader

Long Road Home is a rollicking hayride through the backroads and open highways of Americana bliss. Eve’s rasping, wailing, heartbreaking voice delivers an emotional wallop on each and every tune…the band rocks like men possessed. They call it Roadhouse Rock and they mean it! Watch out for this lady.”

Her new album, Long Road Home, rocks like a big dog and features all the right influences: from Wanda Jackson to Steve Earle.
—Buffalo Beat


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