“Eve is a deeply creative, caring artist who gives everything to her craft. As a live performer she is awesomely powerful, as a recording artist she is both sensitive and strong. I love her spirit and I love her music. She deserves to shine.”
—BBC Radio Legend Sir “Whispering Bob” Harris

“The Eve Selis Band erupted in an acute explosion of Americana, wailing and twanging and thundering and throbbing, conjuring demons and angels alike. Damn, that woman can sing!”
—Buddy Blue, Blue Notes

“The most requested local artist in the history of our station.”
—Robert Hughes
Station Manager, KPRI, 102.1FM San Diego

“One of the best shows I’ve ever seen in the U.K.”
—Bob Harris, The Bob Harris Show, BBC2

“Hearing Eve Selis play at Brighton’s Pavilion Theatre was a treat. The easy power of her voice is mesmerizing: I stood enthralled, wondering from where in her small body she was able to produce such a riproaring sound. Wherever it comes from, Eve’s voice is truly a stunning gift.”
—Country Music People (UK)

“Selis rocks me. Eve, you are a star.”
—Chris Isaak

“Selis delivers the group’s blend of country twang, gospel fervor and rock ‘n’ roll punch with equal parts sanctification and sweat. Her bottomless lung power is matched by an emotional gusto that could blast your happy-hour oysters out of their shells.”
—Karla Peterson
San Diego Union Tribune

“Selis’ exceptional new tunes had all the polish of gleaming chrome, along with the spirited vibe of a vintage road trip along Route 66, as the band’s tight, energetic interplay blended equal measures of honky tonk twang, boot-stomping bravado and soul-stirring pop melodies.”
—Wood & Steel

“I think Eve is a star in the making. She is gorgeous, she has tremendous charisma, and she plays from the heart. The authenticity of her performance is refreshing and genuine. Even if you don’t know her music, you will be captivated by her show.”
—Rob Hagey
Producer, Street Scene -California’s largest music festival

“Selis’ fiery vocals and the band’s top-flight playing make them a powerhouse live band.”
—Night & Day

“A voice you can’t ignore.”
—The Belly Up Tavern

“Eve Selis is a rock ‘n roll star. She prowls the stage like a lioness stalking her prey.”
—Collegiate Monthly 101

“The woman has range. One song she’s purring like a kitten, the next she’s howling like a wildcat …With Selis, every note is right on target, which leaves one wondering why she hasn’t garnered the attention she deserves.”
—SLAMM Magazine

“Eve Selis has become a San Diego favorite. Her voice is strong and sexy without being overbearing (the comparisons to Bonnie Raitt are almost obligatory). It’s easy to see why her band has such a huge following. Simply put, it’s great music.”
—Digital City

“Now this is a show. [Selis has] a killer voice and her group includes some of the hottest players in town. This is a band that can rivet a huge audience.”
—La Jolla Light

“Eve has incredible stage presence. Her body language and facial expressions, combined with her dynamic vocal technique, make her a performer that all performers should see, hear, and learn from.”
—The Network, Hollywood

“This woman is AMAZING! Country and Western Rock music that grabs you by the shoulders and shakes your boots off. Eve is full of an energy that incites the fans that flock to hear her. Without question, her show was the best and the most appreciated by the fair goers.”
—San Diego Beach Life Press