“More than a concert, it’s a musical healing.”


This is a unique music event created by Eve Selis, award winning San Diego singer/songwriter/recording artist, who in the short span of one year experienced her husband Tom’s brain cancer diagnosis, her brother Dan’s Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis and the unimaginable, tragic death of her brother Pete.

Through her own healing process, Eve has discovered some indispensable resources and gained a new perspective on life and grieving that has allowed her to move through her healing process with grace and love. Sharing authentic, heartfelt stories, some helpful tools and the healing power of music, this will be a sacred space where people can come and heal together through music, laughter, hugs and tears.

If you are living with grief, feeling depressed or stuck in your life, you do not want to miss this incredibly powerful healing musical event.

Healing hearts – through music, one note at a time.


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