Sometimes you have to take a chance

There are no guarantees. The reason we grow is because there are no guarantees. It’s the challenge that helps us evolve. I didn’t think I would ever start a blog. Who has time to sit down and wax poetically on whatever subject happens to be the topic of the day.

I was busy. I was doing things.

And then life decided I needed to slow down. At the time I wasn’t prepared to listen… until I was. Life has a way of getting one’s attention. Mine started with an injury that forced me to slow down. Then a soul connection began a journey of self-discovery, giving me life tools that prepared me for what was coming.

How could I possibly know what God had in store for me?

Looking back I can only see Love. It’s easy to say that in hindsight but I see it so clearly now. It’s one thing to say everything happens for you, not to you it’s another to live through the most unthinkable tragedy and believe it. I’m sure that sounds crazy but I suppose it could only make sense if it happened to you. And believe me when I tell you I couldn’t see the love for a long time or how any of it could be for me. I’ll be honest, if I had a choice in what has happened “for me” in the past year I would definitely not choose any of it. But that’s not how life works. Everything happens for you, not to you. Once I surrendered to it, I was finally able to shift my viewpoint and choose love.

I Choose Love. I See Love Everywhere.

They were just words at first. Something I would repeat over and over like a mantra but not really believing. Even though my mind didn’t believe it, my soul did. Every time I would say it my energy would change. Then I started feeling it and of course, I would see love everywhere. I would see it in a tree leaf, in gum on the ground, in heart shaped clouds in the sky, in a smile, in a small kindness… everything felt different. And I was different. I felt more empathy and compassion for humanity and I became an expert at giving hugs. Choosing to see love in everything shifted my heart and changed the prism I was looking through. I was bigger on the inside. It might be the single most important life lesson that I will ever know. We are all here for Love. Love is everywhere.

I find comfort in knowing that Love always wins over darkness. I love the imagery of a dark canvas with just a pin size dot of light on it. Even that tiny bit of light can over take the darkness. But darkness can never overtake light. Light is stronger. Love is stronger and there is always room for hope… even a pin size dot.

I am so grateful that I am still growing and healing, learning and failing and trying again and again. So, I’m going to take the time to blog about my journey and allow myself to be where I’m at on any given day. Because I am becoming love… we are all becoming Love.

I wrote a song with my dear friend, Kim McLean and thought I’d share the lyrics with you. And yes, you guessed it… the song is called I Choose Love.

When the shadows fall and fade to black And the rising waters rage and crash And the ground I stood on crumbles out from under me

When the ones I trusted turn away And they bend me until I could break My defense is my surrender to what I believe

I choose love, I choose love I choose love, I choose love

When forgiveness seems just out of reach I will wait until the light finds me To unleash the chains of doubt and let the world be flawed

Maybe we’re all perfect as we are Heavens candles in a field of stars One light, one dream, one answer to what pulls us all

I choose love, I choose love I choose love, I choose love

Love chose me To be free

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