Stop searching for your purpose…be the purpose!!

Come ‘Play it Forward’ with me! I send this invitation out into the world with an expanded heart and ask YOU to join me in creating music together or through a variety of opportunities, really get to know one another. Perhaps you’ll give me your thoughts and contributions toward a song I’m writing, or we’ll sing together in my studio. Maybe you’ll take a walk with me and do good things in the world! This is a unique opportunity to be part of my life’s work and passion through music, as a soul filling and healing enterprise. Your participation as a patron of the arts, my art and our art is just a click away. Through my Patreon site, you can choose both your level and length of time, participating and supporting me in making a difference in the world. We can do this together! We can have purpose together. How amazing would that be?

Come ‘Play it Forward’ with me. My heart and soul thanks you! ~Eve

Make a Difference on Purpose